See Where Your Wildest Imagination Takes You!



Space Farm animates adventure, imagination and creativity into wholesome and engaging entertainment for generations of children.

We have only one inspiration at Space Farm – to mirror a child’s mind and heart. It sets the bar for us to bring to life the uncharted worlds of their wildest imagination that has yet to find an expression. Through our original animations, we seek to leave no story untold, no connections unexplored.


The future is now – reach for the stars with our flagship series in 2021:


Meet Alvar, an alpaca who lives in space with his family, friends and trusty hoverboard! Alvar has much to learn and discover, let us embark on this journey together with him, as his life unfolds.

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Tropic Tales

Tropic Tales, a tightly-knit community of plants find their peaceful and idyllic lives overturned! Follow a group of young plant seedlings on their heroic adventure for a new home!

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One small step for Space Farm, one giant leap for children’s animation!
We are still exploring the constellation of celestial network, look out for our updates!


Make contact, space cowboys & girls! We promise not to take light years to respond and will be in touch as soon as we can.